Bluestar Nozzles

SEWER PRO SHOP proudly distributes innovative, high quality sewer cleaning equipment, precision engineered by its parent company INTERSEWER and manufactured to the highest technical standards by ISO
EN certification in Germany.

Our goal is to enable our customers to increase their productivity and lower their operating costs by consuming less water, less time and less fuel for the jetter trucks. SEWER PRO SHOP is pleased to provide industry leading customer service and technical support.

These products are leaders in the sewer cleaning industry and include nozzles, chain cutters, milling cutters,
specialty tools and accessories for the municipal and industrial markets.

Bluestar sewer cleaning nozzles are manufactured with Optimized 3D Hydro Mechanics. That means, the water coming from the pressurized hose is smoothly turned around in the nozzle chamber through semi-circular hydro mechanics by means of 5 axial CNC precision machining and guided directly into the nozzle inserts. This eliminates the need for flow straighteners in the nozzle inserts.
All Bluestar nozzles are manufactured in one piece to the highest safety rating.
Bluestar utilize case hardened steel / stainless steel with stainless steel and ceramic nozzle inserts thus providing unrivaled cleaning efficiency and durability. As a result, most Bluestar nozzles can also be used with recycled water.