Hyviz Flexible Hydrant Markers

“Economic-able , Identify-able, Reflect-able & Adapt-able!”
These super-flexible, reflective, adaptable rust-proof aluminum identification sign panels are an economical combination of reflective safety and identification!
These ultra-thin sign panels are wonderful and adaptable! Perfect for anything you need numbered, identified, labeled or tracked!

These are perfect for numbering, “HY-Lighting” & Identifying just anything! . .. and we mean anything!

Through many diverse customers and the various years that we have been providing these, we have been amazed by the countless customer’s uses and applications they have designed for these panels … more than even we have dreamt of!

Such as: tagging Inventory, stand pipes, vents, crash poles, bollards, bike racks, hiking, horse & bike trails,hydrants, loading docks, obstructions, threading through chain link fences, utility or telephone posts, label & marking inventory racks, obstacles in dark halls, mining operations, railroad applications, pallets, loading dock edges, steps and stairs and more!
…In ONE easy economical step, what will YOU use them for?

What width do you your flex ID panels? YOU decide!
With standard widths of 0.5″, 1″, or 1 3/8″ these ultra thin, totally bendable, flexible, foldable, easily cut sign panels can be provided up to 36 inches long!
If you need a custom width just let us know!

The panel’s thickness supplies the sign with the perfect blend of strength and ultra-flexibility and the backing for HAND STAMPED ID numbers!
Every identification code or number is HAND STAMPED permanently into the metal!
If you prefer the panels with a full reflective surface, (no space, no stamping ) just let us know.

These ultra-flexible ultra-thin sign panels install easy too: They’re easily nailed, riveted, taped or tie-wrapped in place. These can also be supplied with 3M 4950 adhesive backing for “peel n’ stick” safety!

Want wider panels? Try our: “3 inch* flexible reflectible” Sign Panels
*Standard size is 3 x 36 but can be ordered wider, longer or shorter .. or you can easily cut them to your own custom length! ”
With roads getting widened, higher traffic and higher speeds, close-to-road trees and poles need these! Give an extra measure of safety year round for an extremely economical alternative to moving poles, cutting trees or delineator purchase and installation…and a MAJOR upgrade to plain reflective plastic disks!

These flexible reflectibles have a High-Intensity reflective surface on Non-Rusting Aluminum! The panel’s thickness supplies the sign with the perfect blend of strength and ultra-flexibility!

Perfect to cut, shape, wrap, twist around any utility pole or tree – ANYPLACE! Long lasting corrosion resistant aluminum is very easily nailed into place! Perfect for Boy Scout
projects, nailing to trees, utility poles, mailbox supports & more! The PERFECT low-cost solution to tree or utility post lined un-lit roads

“Flexible Reflectible” sign panel details:

  • Flexible panels are incredibly adaptable, easy to cut, twist, fold wrap, bend or easily thread through fences!
  • ANY color available, including Fluorescent
  • Yellow-Green or Fluorescent Orange!
  • Various Widths and Lengths available! – Popular sizes are: 1 3/8″ wide and from 6 to 36 inches long and 3″ x 36″ (but ANY length and width is available!)
  • “Crystal grade” available -perfect for guard rail ends!
  • GREAT for trail markers – easy to cut into any shape!
  • We can apply all-weather 3M 4950 adhesive backing – Peel and stick reflective safety!
  • We can also supply panels with holes on ends, easily held in place with ties.
  • Strong enough for year after year use and still easily nailed into place!