Milling Robot

Grinding, milling and cutting


Lateral reinstatement

Lateral reinstatement, trimming protruded laterals or grinding, milling and cutting tree roots and other materials from mainlines is easily done with SR-SERIES’ base robot equipped with grinding, milling and cutting equipment. The equipment is driven with water power and attached to the base robot by the Twist-and-lock mechanism in less then a minute.

Front placed camera

SR-SERIES’ HA165 compact grinding, milling and cutting equipment fits 7”–12” pipelines with its 3,5” vertical stroke and is specially designed for lateral reinstatement. The HA165 has two high-power LED’s and a color camera, all protected by Sapphire lenses. The infinite rotating camera and high-power LED’s are placed at the front for optimal vision while driving through the pipe and operating the cutting motor.

8.2HP water driven cutting motor

The HA165 grinding, milling and cutting equipment is compatible with two, very powerful, Ø 2.95” water driven motors. The WM500 cutter motor with its 3.9”-high water turbine motor that generates 3.4 Horse Power at 25,000rpm and the super efficient WM200 with its 5.1”-high water hydraulic piston motor that generates 8.2 Horse Power at just 4,000rpm. Water hydraulic cutting motors are very strong compared to equal-sized electrical and air driven motors. Pressure losses are minimal with water hydraulic systems and the water cools cutting materials, bits and ceramic bearings for increased lifetimes.

HA195 equipment for larger operations

For heavy and hard to reach operations the HA195 grinding, milling and cutting equipment can be used with its 7” stroke and front placed cutting motor.