Precision Jet Cutting

Precision jet cutting


Root control fast and easy

The WJ160 is specially designed for the removal of tree roots and other kind of blockades using precision jet cutting technique with pressures up to 15,000psi. Different materials are eliminated efficiently by adjusting pressures to the material. Fats, oils, greases, sand, sludge, calcium, small roots and other deposits are jetted away with pressures up to 4,500psi. Water pressures between 3,000psi and 15,000psi eliminate all root intrusions by jetting away the dirt and small root branches first. Then, the water blast cuts off the main root right where it enters the pipe.

Front placed camera and nozzle

The SR-SERIES’ base robot with precision jet cutting equipment operates best in relined 7”-19” pipelines. The high-power LEDs and color camera are protected by Sapphire lenses and mounted at the front of the WJ160 equipment. Right next to the Sapphire cutting nozzle for clear vision while driving and precision jet cutting. It makes the WJ160 able to solve problems, such as; root infiltrations while performing CCTV inspections.

Precision jet cutting

A water blast reaches farther than conventional milling equipment. That’s why precision jet cutting eliminates hard-to-reach obstacles farther inside blockades and lateral connections. The water flushes waste and cut materials away, until nothing but a perfectly cleaned pipe will remain. Precision jet cutting can be used also for cleaning and roughening pipe surfaces for better bonding of CIPP relining materials. A water blast is less likely to cause explosions and precision jet cutting makes the robot suffer fewer vibrations while cutting materials don’t need to be changed anymore.

WJ180 equipment for concrete removal

The WJ180 Ultra High-Pressure Precision jet cutting equipment can be used for concrete removal and heavy jobs with its 7″-40″ scope of use and up to 29,000psi water pressure.