Madewell Products

Madewell Products Corporation manufacturers a variety of products, including corrosion-resistant protective coatings, concrete restoration products, and specialty application equipment. These products are used in many applications, the most popular of which include:

The Mainstay Composite Liner is a manhole rehabilitation system used to quickly restore and protect deteriorated concrete and brick manholes, lift stations, and wastewater treatment plant structures. This manhole rehabilitation system includes a family of restoration mortars, such as Mainstay ML-72 Sprayable Microsilica Restoration Mortar, and high build, 100% solids epoxy topcoats, such as Mainstay DS-5 Epoxy Coating.

Madewell 1312S 100% Solids Epoxy Coating is used on steel and concrete structures containing potable water. Madewell 1312S may be used in conjunction with our family of restoration mortars to restore concrete potable water structures in need of repair.

Madewell Products Corporation manufactures industrial coatings, mortars, and vinyl ester products used for the restoration of structures in pulp and paper mills, chemical processing plants, and other facilities. These products are also ideally suited as tank linings for most chemical immersion applications.

Floor coatings manufactured by Madewell include quartz and flake epoxy products designed to provide a smooth, durable, attractive, and easy-to-clean surface on a variety of floors.

Madewell’s unreinforced and laminate lining systems have been used to provide corrosion protection and waterproofing in aquariums and zoos throughout the United States and Canada. Clients include the Georgia Aquarium, the National Aquarium in Baltimore, the Chattanooga Aquarium, and many others.

Madewell manufactures a complete line of application equipment used to mix, pump, and spray heavy bodied restoration mortars and high build, 100% solids corrosion barrier coatings.

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