Mainline Camera

Rausch Mainline Pipe Inspection Camera & Crawler

Rausch Mainline Pipe Inspection Camera

Application range 5.5″ to 60″ pipe diameter

The Rausch pipe inspection CCTV camera system consists of the steerable four-wheel drive L135 Tractor with an electrical lift and the pan & tilt KS135 camera. The rugged system is built to inspect sewer, water and storm drain pipes from 5.5″ up to 60″ pipe diameter.

The Camera, KS135

  • Range: 5.5″ to 60″ pipe diameter
  • 280° pan, infinite 360° rotation
  • Auto & Manual Focus
  • Auto & Manual Iris
  • 10X Optical Zoom and 12X Digital Zoom (120:1)
  • Auto homing
  • Four (4) Long Range high-power LED lights
  • Six (6) Short Range high-power LED lights
  • Quick-connect military-style cardanic C-connector, cam-locked to tractor with protected contacts
  • Nitrogen-pressurized for moisture protection with sensor-leak detection
  • No exposed wires, cables, or contacts
  • Additional lighting can be directly mounted on camera head (no exposed wires)

L135 Tractor Platform

  • Application Range: 5.5″ to 60″ pipe diameter
  • Studio controlled electric lift
  • Two powerful motors for steerable 4-wheel drive
  • Anti-rollover feature with on/off control
  • Variable speed, joystick controlled
  • Inclination sensor
  • Automated & sensor-controlled synchronization to main cable reel
  • Weight: 43lbs; length: 20.5″; diameter: 5.4″
  • Material: anodized brass, fully CNC-machined from a solid block
  • Extremely quick set-up time for various pipe sizes
  • Cardanic military style heavy-duty connector to main cable
  • Mechanical ‘quick-lock’ connector to all cameras and modules – no exposed wires or contacts
  • Nitrogen-Pressurized for leak protection with sensor-leak detection
  • Complete wheel sets for various pipe conditions
  • Stackable tires can be placed over currently equipped tires for faster set up
  • Optional: integrated locater transmitter (33kHz or 512Hz)
  • Optional: integrated Rear View Camera
  • Optional: additional weights (maximum of 40 lbs.)

L100 Cross Tractor + KS60CL Camera

  • Application range: 4″ to 16″ diameter
  • Three driven axles for 4″ diameter
  • Extremely low center of gravity due to tilted wheel positioning
  • Manual and automated steering
  • Tilt-able screw-on adapter for the KS60CL camera, no exposed cables
  • Mechanical height adjustment
  • Direct additional Power-LED Light Attachment for diameters larger than 6″ – no exposed cables
  • Cascading of up to three (3) lighting modules
  • Small cardanic connector with integrated pull sensor for synchronization.
  • Integrated sonde locater built into KS60CL camera.