Bringing QuickLock Equipment Across the Southeastern US

QuickLock Point Repair

QuickLock is a strictly mechanical point repair system for the inside repair of pipes. No resin is involved. This revolutionary system consists of only (2) components: a 316L stainless steel sleeve structural body covered by a seamless EPDM compression seal. Through the manhole, the sleeve is inserted into the pipe and placed over the damaged section. Using an inflatable packer, the sleeve is then expanded and permanently locked into position. Sleeve sizes are available from 6″ to 32″ in circular pipe diameter.


Application For:

  • Municipal sewage lines
  • Well and potable water piping systems
  • Leaking and/or offset joints
  • Root intrusion
  • Holes, longitudinal, and circumferential cracks
  • Abandon laterals
  • Restore structural integrity of pipe prior to lining
  • Meets ASTM F3110-14 Standard

Efficient Solutions:

Installation is quick and easy while ensuring a permanent fix. QuickLock sleeves can be installed with flow present due to the fact that the packer is hollow, allowing for the flow to pass through. The installation packer can even be attached to most tractor brands currently on the market.

The reduction in diameter is minimal.

NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Certified for potable water.
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Advantages Over Other Systems:

  • Trenchless no-dig spot repair
  • Permanent, reliable, and instant fix
  • Passes air and water pressure testing
  • Reinstates structural strength and integrity of deformed and damaged pipe
  • Can be installed with flow present
  • Easy and quick installation – no cure time
  • Applicable for internal pressure up to 220 psi*

Installation Process:

1. Determine if correct application for QuickLock
2. Determine exact pipe ID
3. Determine damage length
4. Prepare the QuickLock sleeve
5. Load the sleeve on the QuickLock Packer
6. Deliver the QuickLock sleeve to the installation
7. Inflate the Packer to install the sleeve

Not Applicable For:

  • Fixing collapsing pipes
  • Pipes with an inner pipe pressure above 220 psi*
  • Industrial sewage (except when corrosion levels have been inspected)

*The precondition for a long-term sealing of pressure pipes is there must be a diffusion-resistant inner surface of the pipe. QuickLock installations larger than 16″ in diameter are only proven to withstand internal pressure up to 145 psi.

QuickLock End Sleeve

The QuickLock Liner End Sleeve is an innovative method to seal and protect CIPP liners where they enter and connect to the manhole. This system instantly and permanently eliminates two (2) major problems after a CIPP liner is installed:

  • It fully seals the liner to the host pipe, preventing inflow along the liner running into the manhole.
  • It protects the liner-end section from potential physical damage caused by a root cutter or jetting nozzle.

Application For:

  • Seal against residual intrusion between liner and host pipe
  • Mechanical protection against high-pressure cleaning
  • Mechanical protection against pulleys and cutters

The QuickLock End sleeve is available in nominal diameters of 6″ to 24″ and in the following lengths: 10″ (6″ – 16″ diameter) and 12″ (18″ – 24″ diameter).

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Operating Principle:

The sleeve body is of 316L stainless steel, covered by an EPDM rubber gasket designed to accommodate all common liner wall thicknesses that maintain the nominal width established by the liner. The system works strictly on mechanical compression – no resin or grout is involved. The sleeve is expanded by a specially designed packer and locks into place by the one-way ratchet locking gear mechanism.

Any liner installation without liner-end pieces in place is almost always subject to failure.

Advantages of QuickLock End:

  • Easy and quick installation – no cure time
  • Long-life materials 316L stainless steel body and EPDM rubber gasket
  • Tight and high pressure jetting resistant – IKT tested
  • Compensation of shrinkage behavior of fiberglass liners

For the installation of the QuickLock liner end sleeves, only a set of air-powered cutting tools capable of cutting into the liner and a QuickLock End hand-held installation packer are required.

QuickLock BIG

The QuickLock BIG sleeve is for pipes larger than 32″. It permanently seals leaking joints, and radial and longitudinal cracks in accessible ducts and shafts. The system consists of two materials, a 316L stainless steel body, and an EPDM rubber compression sealing gasket. These materials are permanently durable in municipal wastewater.

However, unlike the QuickLock installations where an inflatable packer is involved, this installation is a manual process—the installer must get inside the pipe to install QuickLock BIG using OEM installation tools.

Application For:

  • Municipal sewage lines
  • Leaking joints
  • Cracks and holes
  • Restore structural integrity of pipe prior to lining

Meets ASTM F3110-14 Standard

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  • Nominal Sizes available: 32 to 64 inches in diameter (Larger available upon request)
  • Sleeve Width: 8 inches
  • Material: 316L stainless steel body and EPDM rubber gasket
  • Rolled diameter: 3.4 inches smaller than the respective nominal diameter.
  • Pipe diameter tolerance coverage: -1¼ to +1¼ inch on respective nominal diameter.


For larger defects, a serial installation is possible. For doing this, a 30 cm (about 12″) wide over-lapping rubber is available, which is located by each half between the sealing gasket and inner pipe wall. The distance between the sleeves should be a minimum 30 mm (1.18″) in order to allow for sufficient space for the clamping tool.